Who are the target customers? How will we reach them? What are the best distribution methods? We'll answer these questions, plus more. 

Successful relationships with food brokers are critical for most products. I'll help you find them, pick the right one, and manage them effectively. 

We will explore all capital issues - ranging from how much you need to how to obtain it. 

We'll develop a sales strategy, analyze your product and brand, and assess the healthiest way to grow. 

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Food brokers

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helping specialty, natural, organic, and green food & beverage products get to the next level

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taking the next step

Every year, thousands of food and beverage products are created. Standing out from the crowd and expanding your product's presence will be the biggest challenge in finding success. How will you market your product? How will you sell it? What's the best method of distribution? How will you merchandise your product? How will you raise money to further grow? These are examples of questions you will need to analyze, and then execute on. 

I'll help you explore these questions - along with countless others you will encounter - and find the best answers to them. By limiting the number of clients I work with, I am able to provide more focus to each, thereby giving you the attention you will need. Long or short term, together, we'll find solutions to these problems, and in addition, I'll help you avoid the many landmines that early businesses face so you don't have to step on them. I have saved companies small and large a lot of time, money, and frustration - and have helped countless individuals avoid the pitfalls that many early-stage businesses fall victim to. 

Time to know what you don't know and get some help.