go-to-market strategy

A go-to-market (GTM) strategy is an action plan that specifies how your company will reach target customers and achieve competitive advantage. You need an edge now more than ever. Long or short term we'll develop a clear action plan. Then tell the story with an emphasis on the following:

Product Analysis: What makes your product unique? What separates it from the competition? We'll analyze your vision and brand, and ensure that it stands out in the marketplace.

Distribution and Wholesale: We'll explore different distribution channels based on your product and needs. Examples of channels include Direct-Store-Delivery ("DSD"), Wholesale, Specialty/Natural distributors, and Direct-to-Retail. We'll then develop the necessary relationships with these distributors and wholesalers to ensure your product gets on the shelves. 

Retail: Similar to Distribution and Wholesale, we will explore the various retail alternatives, and assess which is/are best based on your needs. Examples of retail channels include supermarkets, mass stores, drug stores, natural/specialty, Direct-to-Consumer, and convenience stores.

Target Customers: We'll assess who your target customers are, and figure out the most effective method to get your product to them. 

Pricing: We'll determine the most appropriate price for end-consumers, wholesalers, and retailers. This is way more challenging than most people think.

Cost Analysis:​ Analyzing cost of goods sold can be equally as important as pricing. We will develop a clear plan to ensure your costs are manageable and decreasing over time. 



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