growth capital 

Most products need investors for a variety of reasons – marketing, hiring of personnel, operations/manufacturing, inventory, and many other needs. I will help you in the following ways:

Business plan and pitch: We'll work on constructing a strong business plan and a pitch that will be tailored to investors' expectations and demands.

Evaluating your needs:​ Taking too much capital can force you to give up an unnecessary amount of equity, and/or take on an unnecessary amount of debt. Taking too little capital can jeopardize the viability of your business. We'll evaluate the various stages of your business' lifecycle, and explore the proper level of capital you will need to grow your business at each of those stages.

Exploring financing alternatives:
First, we'll decide what financing alternative is best for your company (e.g. debt vs. equity), and also consider other financial instruments that may prove useful (e.g. secured line of credit). Next, we'll explore the best sources for financing. I will suggest and introduce you to different financing alternatives including government sources (if available), traditional lenders (e.g. banks), investment bankers, angel investors, private equity firms/venture capitalists, asset-based lenders, family offices, and/ or other sources of financing.

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