food brokers

Food brokers are independent, outsourced sales agents who work on your behalf. Your goal should be to make them a part of your company - or rather, a partner of your company. Food brokers help to make purchasing decisions for wholesalers, chain retail stores, and independent retailers, among others. Developing and managing relationships with food brokers is critical for many food and beverage businesses to succeed. 

Services will include the following:

Identifying type of broker needed: There are many types of food brokers in the industry. Some brokers work with any and every type of retailer, while others only work with specific classes of trade (e.g. convenience stores). Some brokers are full service, while others are limited. Some brokers differ by geography - one type of broker will work on a national scale, while another type will work on a regional scale. I'll explain to you the differences between brokers, and help you decide what type of broker you need.

Broker selection management: Once we identify the type of broker you need, I'll help you find food brokers, interview them, and make sure you decide on the right one. This step also includes judging whether a broker truly buys into your product and mission - an imperative step when selecting a broker.

Managing the relationship:​ Working with the food broker to ensure he or she has your business' best interests at heart and is selling your product appropriately. 

Incentivizing: Properly and fairly incentivizing food brokers, through the use of bonuses, options, and other methods, to sell your product.

Contract review and negotiation: I'll make sure your business enters into a fair and effective contract with a food broker, including ensuring that proper payment terms are in place.


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