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Sales & Marketing

All successful consumer packaged goods have one thing in common: they need an effective sales & marketing strategy. Although a sales & marketing plan can be very robust, the following are key elements that we will look at:

Distributors vs. Direct: Assessing your approach at launch, geographical and chain specific considerations, evolution of sales strategy over time, and the budget you will need to attract your target customers.

Maximizing Revenue: Building sales & rotation track records, and understanding where to focus (e.g. based on your product, what chain/stores are best to partner with?).

Vision/Branding: Developing your product brand and separating it from the crowd. We'll explore how your product can best connect and resonate with customers, and stand out from the thousands of products in the marketplace.

Sales Team: Picking the right team, and deploying, incentivizing, and compensating them fairly and effectively. We will also explore the option to outsource certain functions. This includes considering brokerage, brand management, and independent sales management services, any of which could be a helpful and vital option to grow your business.

Minimizing costs: Minimizing entry costs, including slotting costs and deduction management.If I know one thing in life it's were, and how to trade spend.
​It's a jungle out there!.

Promotion: Developing an appropriate and effective marketing strategy, including distributor and retailer advertising, distributor and retailer programs, trade shows, demos, gorilla marketing, ambassadors, trade and consumer advertising plans.